Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Wasáse is an intellectual and political movement whose ideology is rooted in sacred wisdom. It is motivated and guided by indigenous spiritual and ethical teachings, and dedicated to the transformation of indigenous people in the midst of the severe decline of our nations and the crises threatening our existence. It exists to enable indigenous people to live authentic, free and healthy lives in our homelands.


Wasáse promotes the learning and respecting of every aspect of our indigenous heritage, working together to govern ourselves using indigenous knowledge, and unifying to fight for our freedom and the return of our lands. It seeks to liberate indigenous people from euroamerican thoughts, laws and systems.


Wasáse is a resurgence of diverse actions. It works by awakening and reculturing individuals so that indigenous thoughts are restored to their proper place in the people’s minds and their attachment to false identities is broken. Members of the movement are committed to the restoration of indigenous traditions, ceremonies and knowledges; reconnecting to and loving the land; and, revitalizing indigenous languages.

Wasáse challenges indigenous people to reject the authority and legitimacy of the colonial system and to rebel against its institutions. Wasáse is not a political party or governmental organization, and its members do not seek or hold political office. The movement does not use violence to advance its aims. Its political struggle is conducted through intellectual confrontation and mass communication; revealing the corruptions, frauds and abuses of colonizers and collaborators; and, supporting direct action in defense of indigenous communities, their rights, and the land.


Wasáse is a movement of Real People who have adopted its principles and are committed to applying indigenous teachings and values as our way of life. The movement includes women and men regardless of gender, age, color, or nationality.


Wasáse does not accept funding from colonial governments or corporations. The movement is funded by contributions from its members, and it seeks material support and alliances with individuals and organizations who share its principles and commitments.


Wasáse does not have an office, central location or staff. It is a network of mutual support and coordinated action that extends in all four directions across Turtle Island. We welcome and encourage contact for the purposes of information, affiliation or support.